Audit of Sivara Spa – Bangkok, Thailand


Sivara Spa is an extravagance bind spa select to Amari Hotels and Resorts in different pieces of Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Chang, Krabi, Patttaya, Phuket, Samui, Trang)

On my last outing to Bangkok, I remained at the Amari Watergate and Sivara Spa is concealed on the eighth floor of the lodging and confronting the pool and wellbeing and wellness focus.

The Sivara Spa at the Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok is recently revamped to a cutting edge and contemporary Thai style. As you stroll into the gathering, you can track down a superb interchange of bronze “lotus blossoms”, water walkways, stones, draperies, candlelight and blossoms.

There are three roomy harmony hotel spa alsace themed twofold rooms and 5 single treatment rooms. Every one of the themed twofold rooms is allocated to a mark treatment.

In the spa leaflet own words, the different subjects for the treatment rooms are:

The Mystical Forest room bridles the soul of the woods and permits visitors to reflect on the force of nature. This organically motivated room includes a tropical downpour shower to wash away the pressure of the day. The invigorating mixes of fundamental oils utilized for the back rubs will leave the body feeling revived.

In Floral Bloom room, you can ensure that pressure will deplete away and the soul will be resuscitated with a flower petal shower in this botanical heaven. The aromas of blossoms will purge and refine your spirit, while the ylang, lavender and marjoram fundamental oils, utilized in the medicines, give a definitive female extravagance.

In the Herbal Inspiration room, the recuperating characteristics of spices – known for quite a long time, as nature’s gift to humankind – are joined with extravagant spoiling.

I decided on the “Sarada Package” (2hrs) treatment which includes an oil rub and facial. I was not quick to do a facial and the assistant was sufficiently adaptable to change the facial to a body scour all things being equal.

From the lighting and temperature in the room, to the volume of music and strain applied during back rubs or cleans, the advisor was so focusing and chivalrous on my whole treatment. The delicate advisor at the spa genuinely satisfy the thoughtful soul of the Thai’s spa culture.