Dos and Don’ts at a Funeral

Attending a funeral can be a very challenging experience for some people. You might be at a lost for what to do when you attend a funeral because not everyone is at ease with emotion and grief. Consult with best christian funeral services in singapore if you have funeral needs. Here are some pointers if you’re concerned about funeral etiquette and how to conduct funeral services.

  1. Do wear conservative attire

Never show up to a funeral wearing anything garish or attention-grabbing. You don’t want to stand out or come across as disrespectful in any manner. While modesty and black are traditional, wearing complete black is no longer in vogue in the western world. More people are incorporating various colours, but you should usually stay away from anything too bright. Ensure the cleanliness and ironing of everything you are wearing.

  1. Do Show Up on Time

A late arrival at a funeral service can interfere with the service and cause the mourner’s unneeded stress. If you are going to be late, make sure you enter with consideration for other people.

  1. Act normally

Finding something to say to the deceased’s closest friends and family members is not always simple. They are probably also tired of people acting strangely and coming across as unreliable, even when they are not.

Acting normal is the best course of action. Don’t try to solve every problem with words because you can’t. Try small gestures like sending them a thoughtful message in advance or handing them a bottle of water as they welcome a line of well-wishers.

  1. Do not relax anywhere

Funerals typically follow the convention that those closest to the deceased and their family should sit in the first few rows. There isn’t a specific side you need to sit on, unlike a wedding. Try to remain motionless and seated in the middle or in the rear. You should spend some time outside until you can stop sobbing or coughing aloud.

  1. Avoid checking your phone

Even while mobile phoneshave become a part of everyday life, there are still some circumstances in which they are wholly inappropriate. When feasible, put your phone on silent or turn it off, and stay away from it.

  1. Avoid Being Afraid of Religious Elements

Religion will have a part in many funeral services in some form. There is no reason to be frightened or uncomfortable if you are not religious. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to feel obligated to participate in any hymns or prayers. Instead, although you mourn in your own way, just try to admire the traditions and look for the beauty in them.


Of course, you are mourning as well. It’s common to experience melancholy and a sense of loss even if you weren’t very close to the deceased. Just keep in mind to grieve with dignity and have someone by your side for support if necessary.