Local SEO: How to Reverse Engineer Your Competitors

It’s becoming more challenging to compete with different companies online these days. The market is becoming more saturated due to the number of small businesses trying to advertise online. If you wish to stand out, you can’t let this reality stay. Try to reverse engineer your competitors and not let them win the day. With the help of experts like a Los Angeles SEO firm, it’s possible, especially if your company is located in the vicinity. Allow these experts to determine the right strategies to help you stand out. Here are other local SEO tips to reverse engineer your competitors. 

Know your competition

It might seem like a no-brainer but identifying your competition is a lot harder than it is. You can’t reverse engineer your competitors if you don’t know who they are. Apart from your direct competitors, you must also identify your indirect competitors. These are companies selling other products, but they may include items that you also sell. It’s not their niche, but they could peel away a few customers. 

You should also include your perceived competitors. They’re hard to identify since you don’t know that they’re taking away your potential customers. For instance, if you’re selling digital cameras, your perceived competitors include smartphone providers. Most people don’t think about buying a separate digital camera these days since most smartphones have improved camera functions. If these companies take away your customers’ energy and attention, they’re a direct competitor. 

Analyze your competitors’ content

You need to know which content posted by your competitors received the most views and shares. It means that people felt interested in the topic. You can do the same but don’t plagiarize the content. You may also try it on something smaller such as a blog post, and see where it goes. As long as you have unique and interesting content, expect people to respond well.

Determine the appropriateness of technical SEO  

Technical SEO is also part of the process. Make sure you do it right in this regard. Check if your competitors do the same. Do they tag the titles correctly? Do they avoid keyword stuffing? Do they make the most of multimedia content to keep everyone engaged? By understanding how well they do with technical SEO, you can decide if you’re doing the right thing too. You can even find an area that you can take advantage of. 

Another critical aspect of technical SEO is security. The website must be secure if you want your visitors to feel good about their decision to view the page. Most companies have already shifted to the use of HTTPS to prevent identity theft and viruses. Loading speed also matters. If your competitors’ websites load quickly, and yours doesn’t, it’s a problem. You might have to remove a few elements to ensure speed. 

Check if they’re gunning for the same keywords

SEO is tough since many companies try to compete for the same keywords. There are only a few spots available on the first page of Google, and your goal is to be among the choices. Analyze your competitors, and see if they’re doing well with the keywords you’re trying to target. These are the companies you should keep an eye on. If you’re behind the competition, delve deeper into other metrics. They might be the reason why you’re not doing well. 


Figuring out how to do better than your competitors can be challenging. The good thing is you can always count on SEO services Los Angeles to do the right thing. They will give pieces of advice to help you stand out. They will also help analyze your strategies and ensure your company does a better job.